Current Headmistress Leaving

Hey folks, some sad news received from Nsinda Ikirezi. I was originally supposed to teach from my arrival in September until the start of the new school year in January when I would begin as headmistress. The current headmistress was an excellent educator whom I had hoped to sort of oversee the preschool program of our school. However, as of 2 days ago she left Nsinda for an exciting opportunity to come to the United States. We did not hold her back from this, though we are sorry to see her go. Another teacher at the school will act as interim headmistress until I arrive. I will thus be receiving more responsibility even earlier than expected. This school more than anything I feel needs consistency, which I hope to offer.

In the meantime, I have been studying up on my kinyarwanda and sending out letters to try to fundraise for the school. We have about 4 people who have chosen to sponsor a child, and these families are overjoyed. Many still await help.


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