“Oh have you never had malaria before?”

So last night I felt nauseous, chills and sweats and body aches all over. Today I was supposed to go to my first Rwandan wedding but felt too weak. Per everyone’s advice, I went ahead and went to the doctor just in case it was malaria. I laughed because the other teacher who was helping me get to the clinic asked, “do you have malaria?” and I said, “well I don’t know, that’s why I’m going to the clinic to get tested. Is there a way you just know?” And I laughed as she asked very seriously surprised, “oh have you never had malaria before?”

Everyone’s reality is different. And the fact that mine does not contain a history of malaria is as surprising to the people here and it is surprising to me that two of my friends here have literally never been to school a day in their life. But, no malaria, guess I just caught a bug of some kind so I have been resting.

The downside of things right now is that we looked over the budget and I didn’t even realize how even cutting the budget down to pretty much bare essentials leaves us $500 short each month. This has been heavy on my heart. Some of our employees already are earning only $1 a day. We can’t raise school fees because the families in the village are struggling to pay the prices at what they are now. Sometimes it feels like…how does anyone do it? how do they survive? Everyone sorta just gets by and asks for help when they need it and give help when they can. So I thank those of you who have been helping me financially, and challenge anyone else to pray about whether you can be giving financially as well.

Maybe it’s because I have been sick I know this blog is disorganized, but I wanted to say one encouraging thing. God is present in these children. I led worship at chapel on Friday and to hear these children singing out “how he loves” just meant a lot to me. Even you’ll hear them singing praise songs as they walk along the road. And the educational improvement also. One year ago one of our boarding students, Divine, did not know “a” from “b” from “c” and two days ago she wrote me a note in English that said, “thank you sarah you are a good teacher and a good girl and God bless you thank you thank you.” She’s one of our best students now. As an educator, that is really really exciting!


One thought on ““Oh have you never had malaria before?”

  1. Sarah, oh! Such a tough way to get started! I am praying for you! There are days that I wish I could just be there….one day! I. An’t wait to meet all those children of yours!

    Wouldn’t it be great to get a church on board to visit and then sponsor the school with a long term relationship….I will pray for that!

    HOPE: confident expectation……. that what God promises He will fulfill! Sending a big Texas hug your way!

    Blessings! B

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