The P6 Commandments

My students in 6th grade (called P6 here) did an exercise in Bible class after studying the commandments, everyone (including me) wrote their own! They had to have some serious and some silly ones, and we compiled our favorites into the P6 COMMANDMENTS! Here’s what we got:

1. Everyone must eat Chapati, maize, and Mexican every day.

2. All P6 members will pass the national primary exit exam

3. Laugh every single day at 6 am

4. Do not drink alcohol

5. Work for your own things

6. Go to Church

7. Comfort your friends

8. Every Rwandan must have two good loving parents

9. Do not fight

10. Everyone gets to play with Sarah’s hair.


Some that didn’t make the list but were hilarious were, “kiss someone every day,”  “every child gets a sponsor!”  “do not wear clothes”  “do not wear shoes”  “watch a film every saturday night” and “when another team beats ours at football they get punished.” haha. It was fun but also interesting to see some of the things they valued – many of their commandments involved special food or moral decisions. 


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