About Nsinda Ikirezi

Nsinda Ikirezi Primary School (NIPS) is a primary and preschool in the small village of Nsinda in the eastern province of Rwanda.  We have about 110 students, some day-schoolers and some boarding students, who come and receive a private Christian education and get a healthy lunch (and breakfast and dinner if they board at the school) daily.  I and some of the other teachers live on-site to help take care of the boarding students. We also have some workers who help us cook and fetch water (since the school does not have running water.)

No education in Rwanda is free, and the public education system is very poor.  Since 2008 when all schooling was mandated to occur in English, many teachers and students have struggled to do well on the nationalized exams in English that provide entrance into secondary schools and universities.  One reason why Nsinda Ikirezi Primary School (NIPS) is such an advantageous place to for these children to be is that all but our French teacher is fluent in English (which is not the case for many teachers in the nation.)

My goals for the school are three-fold. In terms of education, I want to increase English literacy as well as develop in the hard sciences. These are the areas of study that present the most opportunities right now for students in Rwanda. In terms of spiritual development, I want to get both adults and children’s Bibles so that the people can develop their existing faith and base it on the word of God. I also want to implement a weekly chapel service. Finally, in terms of personal development for boarding students, I want to start after school programs such as drama or arts/craft or even create a small library so children can have enriching experiences outside of the classroom also.

Because we are in a very poor village, many of the children’s parents cannot pay the school fees.  We have no running water, no supplies other than a computer, some chalk and chalkboards. We are in need of funding so that we can continue to pay teacher’s salaries and to purchase food and supplies for the children. To learn more about donating, go to the Donate or Sponsor a Child Page.

Rwanda on map of AfricaNsindamap


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