About Me

My name is Sarah Pullen and starting in September 2013 I will be the headmistress of Nsinda Ikirezi Primary School in the village of Nsinda in eastern Rwanda.  I started to feel truly called by God to serve the people of Rwanda during my time at Hendrix College where I came into contact with several Rwandan exchange students.  In the summer of 2012, I volunteered for two months at Nsinda Ikirezi, and since then I was never able to shake the feeling that I had more to offer this place. Now with my teaching degree from Hendrix and a whole lot of prayer and support from friends and family and Christ, I am able to set out on a life journey that I expect to be difficult but rewarding.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mrs Pullen! I knew you had a heart for God, that’s exactly why I came to look at your blog. I knew why you said you were going to Africa! You can tell by how caring and sweet you are! I’ll definetly be praying for you and the lives of those around you in Africa. You’ll be a great teacher!!

  2. Mrs Pullen, today Alex, Kenneday and I went to a restaurant in New Orlense called (pi sign)ie, and after we got our pizza we cut it up based on radians because we believe they are supior to degrees.

    Thanks for all you helped us with,
    Alex, Kenneday and Tim

    1. YEEEESSSSSS! What a great restaurant it sounds like! (With even better customers such as yourself of course!) That actually works out well, because less hungry people can have the slice between pi/6 and pi/4 (or between pi/4 and pi/3) (or all equivalent reference angles) since those are smaller. I miss you guys 🙂

      1. Kenneday said “i^5th miss you, and that not imaginary” and Alex said “I have as much missingness in my heart as there are coterrminal angles to 3pi / 2” So I think it is safe to say you are equally missed by all of us.

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