Child Sponsorship

Two types of Sponsorship

Day-Schoolers: $20 a month will pay for one day-schooler to receive a good education and a healthy lunch every day for a year.

Boarding students: $40 a month will pay for one boarding student to receive a good education and three healthy meals a day for a year.

Of our about 110 students, only about 15 are currently boarding. We have the capacity to board many more, and most students’ families would prefer that they be boarding students as to eliminate the strain it puts on their finances to take care of the child’s other food and toiletry needs.

Two Types of Children in the Sponsorship List

Some of the current students enrolled at Nsinda Ikirezi as day schoolers can no longer afford school fees and need help continuing to stay at the school. These students are our first priority, and we would love to get them sponsored as day-schoolers, or even promoted to boarding students.

There are also many children in the village who are not in school or are receiving a very poor public education that would like to come to Nsinda Ikirezi. You can also sponsor these children as either day-schoolers or boarding students, whichever you prefer.

Whether or not a student is currently enrolled at Nsinda Ikirezi is noted in their profile.

To Contact your Child

You are welcome to send any messages addressed to your child through email to I will then read these translated into Kinyarwanda for the student. You will receive a response (translated) by email in return. We are still setting up regular postal mail. You will receive updates on your child’s progress, including pictures, every few months either by regular mail or email, at your request.

Once You Have Decided to Sponsor
  • Go to
  • Click “Donate”
  • Click “Make an Ongoing Gift”
  • Create a username and password to set up an account
  • Enter billing info and finalize with “create pledge”
  • Send an email to with your name, the name of the child you have chosen to sponsor, and the amount you have pledged monthly

How do you pick the children who need sponsors?
We look for children who have been unable to consistently pay school fees or children whose families are generally very poor.

What if I can no longer afford to give?
We know that this happens. If you need to stop your sponsorship, you can sign in to your account on and cancel your pledge. Please also send me an email so I can know that you will no longer be sponsoring the child.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes! CTEN will send you statements about how much money you have given, as well as a statement for your taxes.

How much of my money goes for administrative purposes?
CTEN has an overhead fee and takes 7% of all incoming money to help pay their own costs like for shipping newsletters to increase sponsorship numbers, etc.

Why should I choose to sponsor through Nsinda Ikirezi?
With our Christ-centered child sponsorship program, we are a small enough operation that you get direct access to me, the director of the program. We also have very few overhead costs and more of your money goes directly to the child’s needs. Most importantly, the person overseeing the sponsorship program, the direction of funds, everything (me) will be directly teaching and living with the children. You can’t get better accountability than that!


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