Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CTEN, Commission to Every Nation?
>>> CTEN is a missionary sending agency that supports me and allows me to make all donations tax-deductible.

2. Is my donation tax-deductible?
>>> Yes! CTEN will send you a tax statement.

3. Does my donation go to you or to this organization as a whole?
>>> The money goes to me (as long as you remember to put my name on a note with the check you send in, or if you are on my particular page http://www.cten.org/sarahpullen)

4. What’s the difference between donating to you and sponsoring a child?
>>> Money donated to me goes into my individual account to be used as my living stipend for things like internet, health insurance, transportation money, etc. Money donated to sponsoring a child allows the child to come to or remain at the school, as it goes into a pot that pays for food for the child, supplies for teaching like chalk and paper, and money to pay the salaries and living stipends of teachers such as myself.

5. How can I contact you?

>>> Email me at sarahpullen@cten.org

6. How long will you be in Rwanda?
>>> I am here for an indefinite long-term time period, until God calls me home.


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