Donate or Sponsor a Child

If you’d like be a part of what I and the owners of the school are doing, you can donate with a single gift or a monthly gift. Monthly donors are especially valuable as they allow me to be able to plan a more accurate budget for the school. However, all gifts are a blessing!

To donate a single gift, you can do so online at by clicking the donate button and choosing a gift amount or sending a check with the memo line blank, and a SEPARATE note with MY NAME to:

Commission to Every Nation
P.O. Box 291307
Kerrville, TX  78029-1307

Commission to Every Nation is a non-profit missionary sending agency that allows me to make donations tax deductible, but all money given through them online or in check comes directly to me.

Monthly gifts can come in the form of sponsoring me directly or sponsoring a child. Either way, you will go to the same website, and click the donate button, this time go through the process to create a “Recurring gift.” If choosing to sponsor a child, you will simply email me,, the name of the child as I personally run the sponsorship program.

For details about how the sponsorship works, click here.

Here are the children who currently need sponsors. Click on a picture to get more information about that child.








1 thought on “Donate or Sponsor a Child

  1. This is a worth job Sarah !, – as human beings are naturally born selfish, your self, you tend to be a sacrifice for many! which is not for everyone. These are kind of works Jesus did during His time.I guess you count profits when in future you meet these kids excelling in their lives- There is a saying that be careful of what you are doing because it might come true! It is going to be come true because your intention is positive.

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